Case Study

Heart Failure Analysis
February 2022

Skills/Tools: Phyton (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly)


I want to know:

  • A. the most significant attribute that characterized heart disease patients,
  • B. the share of heart disease patients in each category in the attributes, and
  • C. the distribution of heart disease patients across different ages and sexes.

Prepare, Process, and Analyze

We will work with Heart Failure Prediction Dataset. Eleven attributes in these dataset are age, sex, chest pain type, resting BP, cholesterol, fasting BP, resting ECG, max HR, exercise angina, old peak, and ST slope.

Citation: fedesoriano. (September 2021). Heart Failure Prediction Dataset. Retrieved [Date Retrieved] from

Please see my code on for the rest of prepare, process, and analyze step.