IA-ITB North America
July 2022

Skills/Tools: WordPress - Child Theme - Elementor - CSS - Affinity Designer

IA-ITB North America is a non-profit organization that houses the alums of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico). Its website is not exclusively targeting ITB alums in North America; besides providing a membership medium for the alums in North America, it also broadcasts events, scholarships, and job vacancies that can publicly access.

Inspired by the brand statement “Connecting People, Connecting Minds, Connecting The Future,” the theme of this website integrate variations of dots and other shapes connected by lines. My fellow designer, Qoni (IG@asdrawnbyqoniFiverr), created a homepage banner that skillfully highlights the theme and corporates the elephant, an ITB symbol. I also scattered floated illustrations of shapes and lines over the pages.